Queen Elizabeth II is turning 94 in just a few days. But, did you know that she celebrates two birthdays in a year? One in April, which is her actual birth date, and one in June, which is the official birthday of the monarch, hence, the Trooping the Colour event.

This is just one of the many "fascinating" facts about the longest-reigning British Monarch. She has reigned for almost seven decades now, yet only a few individuals truly know her. She might be even, reportedly, the "most private public figure" today.

According to Insider, Queen Elizabeth II values her privacy so much. This is largely the reason why some shocking details of her life and her reign are not fairly common knowledge.

It is also possible that some facts about the British Monarch have been out of the public reach due to the revelation that most of the Britons who have witnessed her coronation and her early reigning years are no longer around. As per claims, about 81 percent of the United Kingdom's population was not yet alive when she took her post.

The reports also added that she is now the remaining member of the British Royal Family who never went to school. This does not mean, though, that the head of the British Monarchy is not educated. As it happened, she was taught by private tutors at home, the same way her sister, Princess Margaret did.

Also, in her more than nine decades of living, she has owned more than 30 corgis. She was even said to introduce a new breed knows as the dorgi. It is a mixed breed of a corgi and a dachshund.

Another "weird" and "fascinating" fact about Queen Elizabeth II is that she married at a very young age to a distant relative. As revealed, she is related to Prince Philip as they are third cousins through Queen Victoria.

There are tons of interesting facts about the British Monarch's life. However, Cheat Sheet claimed that there are also "dark secrets" that the public does not know about her.

The reigning monarch was, reportedly, a "gambling queen." It was said that through her horses, she has made about $8.8 million in the last three decades, as per the British Horse Racing Authority.

Aside from the gambling habits, it was also reported that Queen Elizabeth II is a monarch and "not a mother." Unfortunately, she was, reportedly, "hands-off," especially to Prince Charles.