The Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston love and hate story started in 2004 but it has been an ongoing saga until today. Ironically, all three are currently single, and their only connection to each other is their past. But many tabloids continue to insist that there is tension between Jolie and Pitt and apparently, it is because of the rekindled romance between Brad and Jen. 

A new report from Woman's Day alleged that Jolie has issued an ultimatum to Pitt that she will seek full custody of their five underage children if he will not end things with Aniston. A source of the tabloid also alleged that the Maleficent actress banned her ex-husband from letting Jen see and hang out with their children until the divorce is finalized. 

It added that Jolie is also now pushing for a higher divorce settlement than before, possibly $100 million or more. The insider alleged that Tomb Raider actress thinks that by doing so she would drive the supposed couple Brad and Jen apart. 

"Ange had hoped that by refusing to reach a settlement and making threats about the kids, she'd drive Brad and Jen apart. But the funny thing is the total opposite has happened - it's actually brought them closer together," the source of Woman's Day claimed. 

Here are the facts about Pitt and Jolie's divorce and child custody battle. Back in November 2018, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor and Jolie agreed on a custody arrangement. Under the agreement, both of them will joint physical and legal custody of their children. Pitt's monitored visits also came to an end. 

The ex-spouses' divorce was finalized in April 2019. While their marriage is over, they will continue to negotiate their divorce settlement which involves child custody and division of assets. 

That's the fact about Pitt and Jolie's current situation. As for Aniston and Pitt, the two are now friends but not lovers. The ex-couple have said in separate interviews that they are not dating anyone at the moment. 

The moment that they shared at the SAG Awards earlier this year was just one of those that they had in the past. Pitt has been invited to several parties hosted by the Friends actress at her Bel-Air mansion. The only difference of the SAG run-in was that it was the first time they were seen and photographed in public together after they split in 2005.

It wasn't clear if there are clear stipulations on Pitt and Jolie's custody agreement on who could and couldn't be introduced to their children. Hence, it quite unfair for Jolie that tabloids have been presenting her as the villain who prohibits Pitt from introducing his friends to their kids. 

Gossip Cop has also busted several of these ridiculous rumors about Jolie. Woman's Day also previously published a story that the Salt actress has revived her custody battle with Pitt after Brad and Jen's reunion at SAG. There was also a report that the Ad Astra actor was worried that Jolie was planning to move their kids in Africa.

Life & Style previously claimed that Jolie was out to "destroy" Pitt by demanding full custody. It also alleged that she banned her ex-husband from introducing the Murder Mystery actress to their kids.

The Globe also recently reported that Jolie was planning to force Anistyo to testify against Pitt in their custody battle. All of these rumors have been debunked by Gossip Cop.