In the continued Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Aniston saga, another name has been added to their story: Jon Voight. The Maleficent actress' father is, allegedly, stepping in to stop his daughter from blocking the supposed reunion of Pitt and Aniston. 

Globe published a story this week claiming Voight is urging Jolie to "bury the ax" with Pitt and Aniston. The Ray Donovan actor is, allegedly, pleading with his daughter to back off and leave Aniston alone. 

A source of the tabloid claimed Voight can't stand by and let Jolie take out her revenge on people he cares about. Apparently, Voight has high regard for Pitt and he is also concerned for his grandchildren. The National Treasure actor, allegedly, told Jolie that Aniston did nothing wrong and doesn't deserve to be dragged into her fight with Pitt. 

"Jon and Jen are good friends, Jon has been a mentor to her and Jen goes to him for career advice all the time," the source alleged. 

It seems like the latest Globe's story stemmed from its earlier report that Jolie was threatening to "drag" the Friends actress into court to force her to speak up against Pitt in the upcoming custody hearing of the former couple. Last week the outlet reported that Angelina planned to drag Jen to court after she found out that Brad introduced their children to his first ex-wife. 

Globe claimed that Jolie's reason for forcing the Murder Mystery actress to testify in court is not only to help her child custody case. She also allegedly would like to humiliate Jen. 

Gossip Cop dismissed that rumor as well as the latest speculation about Jolie and her father. It has been known that Voight has a complicated relationship with Angelina so it would be unlikely that he would reach out to her and offer advice. 

Secondly, Jen and Pitt are not together hence there is no reason for Voight to ask Jolie not to involve The Morning Show actress in her fight with the Ad Astra actor. 

Gossip Cop pointed out that the only consistent about Globe's reporting on Brad, Jen, and Angelina is its obsession with the trio's personal lives. Back in December, it is alleged that Jolie and Aniston were going to have a "showdown" on the upcoming award season. 

Earlier this year, Globe also claimed that the Tomb Raider actress was refusing to eat because she was upset after pictures of Pitt and Aniston attending several awards shows shared online. The rumors that Jen and Brad are back together have been dismissed by reputable entertainment outlets.