Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump are considerably the two most powerful women inside the White House and in Donald Trump's life. After officially assuming his post in the Oval Office, the two female Trumps immediately became the First Lady and the First Daughter, respectively.

While it is not surprising that both of them are some of the richest women, as well, in the United States, given that they are directly related to one of the billionaire moguls in the country, it was said that they, on their own, are actually rich. But, which among them is the richest?

According to Cheat Sheet, several reports have already noted that Melania Trump is one of the "wealthiest First Ladies" of the United States. Although being married to Donald Trump is partly the reason behind, it was said that her riches are not mainly because of her marriage.

As revealed, the First Lady has a net worth of $50 million. Her assets were reportedly from her career in the past as a model, designer, and a "socialite."

Before her arrival in the United States, Melania Trump worked as a fashion model in several European cities, namely Paris and Milan. Despite having to move to New York, it was said that she continued to move forward with her career as she "graced" covers of various prominent magazines.

As added by Express UK, the First Lady also launched her own skincare and jewelry lines. So, it is not surprising that she is wealthy, even without accounting her marriage to the incumbent US President.

On the other hand, Ivanka Trump, who is the only daughter of Donald Trump to his first wife, Ivana, was reportedly much richer and wealthier than her stepmother. As reported, her current net worth is rated around $375 million.

In a report released by Forbes, it was said that the Ivanka Trump's earnings and assets, just like his brothers, Don Jr.'s and Eric's, are not publicly available. But, thanks to the "property records, court documents, and government filings," the publication has appeared to unearth the "financial dealings" of the three Trump siblings.

As claimed, all of Donald Trump's kids are rich not because of trust funds or any of the like. It was said that they all became wealthy due to the "hefty salaries" that they receive from working as executives at The Trump Organization.

For Ivanka Trump, though, her net worth is much more significant than her siblings' and even Melania Trump's, not only because of the salaries. Rather, it was said that her overall net worth also factored in her own fashion line and her marriage to Jared Kushner, who has an estimated net worth of $800 million.