The coronavirus outbreak in Africa has been slow compared to other countries across the world. Some health experts noted that while early implementation of social distancing measures helped slow down the spread of the COVID-19 strain, there are still challenges along the way.

South Africa Cases Rises

In South Africa, 247 new coronavirus cases were logged as of Sunday evening, bringing the national total to 4,793. Three new deaths were also recorded, bringing the total fatality toll to 90, Business Insider reported.

During the early days of the outbreak in the country Gauteng was the epicenter. However, things have changed since then and Western Cape is now the epicenter, with a spike in cases among essential workers was detected in the area.

Health minister Zweli Mkhize also revealed on Monday that the spike in new COVID-19 cases at the Eastern Cape was driven primarily by social gatherings. Most of the events where coronavirus cases links were detected stemmed from funerals.

Kenyan Lorry Drivers Complain of Uganda Border Measures

Lorry drivers from Kenya have raised concerns about the border measures at the Kenyan-Ugandan borders amid ongoing checks at checkpoints.

According to BBC, health experts who know of the history of some lorry drivers during the 1980s who were among high-risk groups in terms of HIV/AIDS infection prompted the government to implement strict checks and testing in border checkpoints.

However, drivers argued that some of them have been waiting to get past the border, with the queue on Sunday on the Kenyan side reached up to 30km (19 miles) from the COVID-19 testing site.

On the other hand, health specialists in the country have kept their guards up, noting that the border towns of Busia and Malaba have some of the most congested areas, making them high-risk sites for coronavirus spreading.

As of Sunday, Kenya logged 355 confirmed coronavirus cases and 14 deaths.

Madagascar Disciplines Mask-Wearing Rule Violators

Citizens in Madagascar who were caught outside their residences without protective masks on have been forced by police to sweep pavements and streets, Al Jazeera reported.

As of Monday, an estimated 500 people in Fianarantsoa and Antananarivo were penalized and forced to sweep streets as part of the government's efforts to urge people to wear face masks amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Africa.

Of the 500 violators, 25 people had to sweep pavements on the spot, Antananarivo commissioner Hector Razafindrazaka revealed.

So far, Madagascar has not recorded any deaths linked to the novel coronavirus but the country has recorded 124 confirmed cases.

Truck Drivers are Latest Uganda COVID-19 Cases

Uganda registered four new coronavirus cases on Monday, and all of the new patients are truck drivers from Tanzania who crossed the Mutukula border.

According to CNBC Africa, the new cases brings the national tally to 79. The new cases were also part of the 1,578 samples taken from truck drivers in the country.

The news follows earlier reports of truck drivers potentially transmitting the COVID-19 strain across East Africa due to their border-to-border travels. To prevent further infections, widespread testing has also been implemented in Uganda, as is the case in Kenya.

The said truck drivers in question have been carrying essentials goods from East African neighboring countries as food shortage is among the top concerns amid the coronavirus outbreak.