Customer experience is the reason for digital transformation. Every tech decision businesses make should return to this core foundation. Technology has made it easier to integrate AI and machine learning in order to improve the everyday experiences of customers.

It's also important to note that good AI has to start with the right data coupled with sound data science practice or the results can be less than impressive. That being said, let's discuss how AI has massively changed the customer experience. 

Allowing automated assistance

Many households now rely on Alexa to dim the lights or play some tunes. For many businesses, voice assistants also play a huge role in making the lives of their customers better and easier.

For example, some banks are now using Google Home and Alexa to allow their customers to schedule transfers or pay bills. Many stores are also reliant on voice activation these days, which makes ordering services more efficient. And while you can still walk into a movie theater to buy tickets and popcorn, there's now an option to do these things before leaving your house. 

24/7 availability

AI has allowed for 24-hour customer support -- a huge help for companies who want to cut on manpower to make their services available 24/7. It's also worth noting that 24/7 support isn't just good customer service -- it's table stakes in today's market. Many customers don't have the patience to wait until you open your doors just for their needs to be given. AI makes that possible. 

Encouraging self-service

This is perhaps a favorite of many business owners and customers alike. Self-service means you don't have to be put on hold just so you can talk to the next available agent. With AI, there's now virtual assistants and chatbots to answer simple and common customer service questions, eliminating the chore of having to wait forever just to have your questions answered. 

Providing enthusiastic customer service agents

Customer service reps sometimes get a good scolding from customers not only because of unresolved issues but also due to the agent's lack of enthusiasm. Let's face it: reps aren't always happy. In fact, they are most of the time miserable. 

To eliminate this problem, businesses have turned to AI to prevent their agents and customers from being upset with each other. Of course, AI can learn emotional intelligence, but it doesn't get hurt as humans do. 

AI-enabled tools can automate customer-centric tasks to increase productivity and enhance the customer experience. If your business hasn't already, start embracing the technology today.