After Netflix greenlighted Love Alarm for a second season, fans have been wondering what will happen to the three lead characters Jojo (Kim So Hyun), Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang), and Lee Hye Young (Jung Ga Ram). Luckily, actor Song Kang recently teased what will happen in the upcoming installment.

In a recent interview with Star Magazine, Song Kang shared that after Netflix announced Love Alarm season 2, the cast has already started filming the continuation of the high school drama.

He said that filming has been keeping him busy for the most part. He also teased a change in the tone for Love Alarm Season 2. 

"While we showed viewers sad, youthful love in Season 1, I think that all the characters will be showing viewers more mature romance in Season 2," he said.

It can be recalled that Love Alarm became quite a hit when it was released by Netflix in August 2019 with fans clamoring for a second season immediately after binging on Season 1.

Fans were frustrated by the cliffhanger ending which hinted that Jojo's choice could go either way between Sun Oh, the guy she likes, and Hye Young, the guy who loves her.

Love Alarm Season 1 revolves around the concept of an app that alerts users if someone within a 10-meter radius. Song Kang plays the role of Sun Oh, the popular guy who is the center of affection of multiple girls while Jung Ga Ram plays Hye Young, the guy who secretly harbors a crush on Jojo.

At the end of the first season, the developers of the app were about to reveal a new feature that enables users to predict whether an individual will fall for then or not. The final episode showed Jojo running into Sun Oh and his girlfriend at the Love Alarm 2.0 event where Hye Young also rushes to find Jojo, Hello Kpop reported.

Fans have marveled at the chemistry generated by Kim So Hyun with her two co-stars, leading fans to be divided over which couple to ship in the series. Some were rooting for Sun Oh while some were hoping that Jojo would eventually end up with Hye Young.

Actors from the show have also been quite busy with their schedules apart from filming Love Alarm Season 2.

Song Kang has been tapped to star in the drama adaptation of thriller webtoon Sweet Home where he will be working with Goblin director Lee Eun Bok.

"The director told me that I seemed like Hyun Soo, the main character [of 'Sweet Home'], during my audition. It was an amazing opportunity to work together with a famous director, and I learned a lot," he said.

Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun recently concluded her hit saeguk drama The Tale of Nokdu opposite Jang Dong Yun. The series was also based on a popular webcomic.