With only eight episodes for its first season, fans of Netflix's Love Alarm have been hoping that the streaming platform will announce the continuation of the sweet love story of Jo Jo and Hwang Sun Oh, played by Kim So Hyun and Song Kang, respectively, via Love Alarm Season 2.

Kim So Hyun, also, expressed hope that a second season will be announced since the ending for the first season was a cliffhanger that left fans wondering whether the two characters ended up together.

In an interview with Soompi, Kim So Hyun said that she has some idea for a second installment should Netflix give the green light to Love Alarm Season 2. After all, the series is based on a webtoon, which means that there are still opportunities to take the story further.

"I don't know how the story will turn out, but I think it would be nice to take the good parts from the original webtoon and put them in season two," Kim So Hyun suggested. "I'd like it if the relationship between Jo Jo and Hye Young were fleshed out, as I enjoyed seeing them share their pain and rely on each other," she added.

Love Alarm revolves around an alternate reality where people rely on an app to find love. In the series, the Jooalarm alerts people when someone within a 10-meter radius is harboring romantic feelings for them. High school student Kim Jo Jo finds herself caught in between two love interests, Hwang Sun Oh, and Lee Hye Young, who is played by Jung Ga Ram.

Cosmopolitan has earlier reported that fans are already clamoring for Love Alarm Season 2 after the success of the first installment. It also said that Netflix might have intended to leave the cliffhanger to have something to be explored in second season.

However, fans admitted that it would take a while before Netflix produces Love Alarm Season 2. It can be recalled that the series was picked up the streaming giant as far back at January 2017 and it was only released last month. Fans could stand to wait another two years for the continuation of the Korean drama.

Besides, Kim So Hyun is not short of projects that she is involved with. She is set to star as the lead actress in Tale of Nok-Du, a Joseon drama which revolves around the character of Jeon Nok Du (Jang Dong Yoon), the son of a noble family who pretends to be a woman to hide in a widow village to escape his family's plans to wed him to a woman he doesn't love. The series would premiere on September 30.