BIGBANG's T.O.P is rumored to be dating reality show contestant Kim Ga Bin after it became noticeable that the pair posted similar photos on social media.

According to a report by All Kpop, it was Chinese media outlet Sina that first raised the issue when it released news that T.O.P and Kim Ga Bin have been dating for a year.  They supported the report with an image of T.O.P and the reality star sitting together with the BIGBANG member's arms around Kim Ga Bin.

On their Instagram accounts, the pair also posted supiciously similar photos. In one post, BIGBANG's T.O.P was wearing polka-dotted pajamas while chilling out at home. Kim Ga Bin also posted a photo wearing almost identical nightwear which some fans believed to be a couple outfit. Kim Ga Bin also posted an image where she was pointing to a beautiful view of the sea and T.O.P posted an image of a similar view. In another photo, Kim Ga Bin posted an image of a unique bedside lamp, which looked the same as the lamp posted by T.O.P on his Instagram account.

While some of the images have been taken down by the rumored couple, several fans and media outlets were able to save screenshots of the posts. YG Entertainment refused to comment on the dating rumors surrounding T.O.P and Kim Ga Bin citing that they cannot confirm the details of their artists' personal life.

Kim Ga Bin's new agency, SM C& C which manages the reality star's journey towards an acting career, also refused to comment. It can be recalled that Kim Ga Bin rose to fame through the reality show Love Catcher 2 and signed with SM C &C last February to focus on being an actress. 

Meanwhile, Tayeng,  the only member of BIGBANG who is happily married, recently opened up about why he decided to marry actress Min Hyo Rin after several years of dating. In his documentary for his White Night solo tour that happened before his enlistment, Taeyang admitted that he wanted to spend his life with Min Hyo Rin because to this day, she was the only person who continued to change him.

He said that he always strived to be better with his wife by his side. The pair got married before Taeyang enlisted in 2018 and the event was attended by all members of BIGBANG as well as the couple's family and friends, Soompi reported.