It appears that Apple is serious about transitioning to the virtual reality segment with the Apple Glass gaining ground. New details have emerged on how much the virtual reality headset would cost as well as the customization it would be open to.

According to frequent Apple leaker John Prosser, the Apple Glass will be priced starting at $499. Aside from that, he also reveals that the glasses can also be customized with prescription lenses although this will cost extra. Aside from the two new updates on the Apple Glass, everything seems to be pretty much the same in terms of specs.

Among the features that the Apple Glass would have to include seeing a device that can be hooked up to an iPhone. The lenses can be interacted using gestures and will look closely similar to Facebook's Oculus Quest. As for the potential release date, the Apple Glass could come out by late 2021 or early 2022.

As far as the lenses, early prototypes show the Apple Glass using the LiDAR lens and provisions for wireless charging. Before the coronavirus outbreak, the Apple Glass was believed to be coming out at the "One More Thing" event when the Cupertino company reveals the new iPhone models. With the people behind it prevented from going to work, the unveiling has been reportedly pushed to March 2021.

More details should help spice up things to expect for the Apple Glass. But the only thing certain right now is that the Cupertino company seems determined to offer something new to its followers. Just recently, Apple acquired NextVR, a company that specializes in live event content. Gaming is the first thing that comes to mind but seeing some virtual reality angle during events should be pretty interesting as well.

Virtual reality has been around for years but the technology has hardly gained ground. But now that most companies are shifting to VR technology, Apple may be preparing so that they will not be left behind. The initiative will not be limited to gaming, meaning even businesses or future Apple presentations could be getting some virtual reality love.

One company that has gained immensely is Valve through its "Half-Life: Alyx" game. After introducing the virtual reality side of the game, millions tried it out and sales soared on their VR headsets. It is proof that virtual reality can strive with the right push and technology. Obviously, Apple hopes to enjoy the same success somewhere in the future.