Melania Trump first arrived inside the White House months after her husband, Donald Trump sat in the Oval Office. Her decision to lengthen her stay in New York was largely criticized by many Americans.

Although reports claimed that she postponed her move to Washington because of her son, Barron Trump, several critics already deemed that she does not want to become the United States First Lady.

She has since received criticism from various individuals. While fans and supporters admire her, there are a lot of people who always express their dislike for the First Lady. These people even included a few celebrities.

US President, Donald Trump is widely criticized by many Americans. Many have spoken out against him since he first came into the political space. Just like her husband, Melania Trump also does receive similar things, according to Cheat Sheet.

The first celebrities on the list are Joy Behar and Chelsea Handler. Aside from their expertise in the movie industry, they are also well-known stars who are against the First Family, which mainly includes Melania and Donald Trump.

Chelsea previously said that she won't interview the First Lady on her show because she can "barely speak English." She then added that she does not have "respect" for any of them.

Joy, on the other hand, criticized Melania for "not wanting to sleep" with Donald Trump. She said this in light of her decision to stay in New York despite the need to move to the White House. People had to "pay a million dollars" per day "to keep her here," she added.

In the music industry, there are also some artists who have expressed their distaste for Melania Trump. Among all, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj had the most surprising things to say against the First Lady.

The Anaconda singer previously shared with her audience that they should "better pray" if they get "stuck with a mother****ing Melania." She also deemed her "brainless" after.

Meanwhile, the A Star Is Born songstress called out the First Lady in the past on social media. She responded to Melania Trump's posts and told her that her stand on the "anti-bullying" campaign is "hypocrisy." She also, reportedly, rallied her fans and followers to vote for Hillary in 2016.

There are a lot more celebrities who usually speak against Donald Trump and Melania Trump. This has become more apparent on social media platforms, especially when the First Couple posts and shares their thoughts on certain matters.