Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently residing in Anmer Hall, in Norfolk. While they continue to do their duties and responsibilities as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, they also reportedly homeschool their kids, especially Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

On June 1, the United Kingdom will reportedly start to reopen schools as part of the country's "phased reopening." As explained, the British Government, led by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, gave the green light for parents to send back their kids to schools. 

However, only those who are in Years One and Six, as well as Reception classes, can return starting on Monday. This means, in the Cambridge household, this only applies to Princess Charlotte.

According to the Daily Express, Prince William and Kate Middleton's firstborn, Prince George, is at his Year Two in school. Meanwhile, their only daughter, Princess Charlotte, just started schooling last September. So, she is still in her Year One. This is why the reopening of schools on Monday will likely expect the young Princess of Cambridge to return to Thomas's School in Battersea.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, royal expert and editor, Russel Myers reportedly shared his thoughts and opinions about the matter. As stated, he thinks that the "circumstances" have produced a "dilemma" for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

He also went on to point out that whatever they decide to do with Princess Charlotte's schooling, this will ultimately "send" an important "message" to Boris Johnson and the British Government. It remains unknown, though, whether Thomas's School in Battersea will also reopen come Monday.

The royal expert continued to assert that it will be "very interesting" to see what Prince William and Kate Middleton would do with the matter. He also said that the whole country will certainly watch what comes next to the Royal Family since the dilemma that they have is also the same one that every parent in the United Kingdom is currently facing.

Should they send back Princess Charlotte on Monday to school, the Cambridge family will reportedly need to move back to their London home, in Kensington Palace. However, reports said that the Duke and Duchess are "considering" keeping their children together in Anmer Hall.

In a similar report released by the Daily Mail, several netizens responded to the report and said that whatever Prince William and Kate Middleton decide to do, it should not be taken on a "political note." As further explained by others, the royal couple is just like the many parents who are definitely concerned about their children's well-being.