Thanks to Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, Wizards star Bradley Beal is in the news. The All-Star is said to be on the radar of the Nets superstars, and the two are looking to campaign with him in search of NBA titles. However, Beal has apparently ruled out the possibility of leaving the place he calls home in the last seven years.

In fact, the shooting guard did sign a two-year extension with Washington before the start of the season that will lock him to stay until 2023, and even before affixing his signature on the new contract, Beal professed loyalty for his club.

"If I can, 100%, I'd die in that Wizards jersey," the 26-year-old was reported as saying, and according to Bleacher Report, Beal made the remarks a few months before deciding on continuing with the Wizards.

Notwithstanding the declaration of love by Beal, he remains on the list of NBA teams as a top trade consideration. And why not, the star fires off the big points like a clockwork, and on the season he makes no fewer than 30 points per game.

Teams would want to believe that Beal might be just interested because despite his efforts to carry his team, which was without its other star, John Wall, since December 2018, the Wizards were not exactly doing great. The record indicates only 24 wins in 64 games in the campaign for Washington, and the disappointment might just convince the shooting guard to search for better luck elsewhere.

That offer could come from the Nets as the team is reportedly excited in bringing Beal's explosive games in Brooklyn. Just before the games were halted, the star proved red-hot with over 50 points against Milwaukee and Chicago.

The Wizards lost on both games, but apparently, the Nets are looking for a better result if Beal can be paired up with the likes of KD and Irving, and both have NBA rings to prove the case they can help the rising Wizards to win.

Even so, the Wizards mainstay has insisted that while the attention he is getting from big NBA figures is flattering, playing outside of Washington has yet to cross his mind.

Yet while the Wizards and Beal appeared in synch that there will be no trading to happen anytime soon, Clutch Points said there is a suggestion floating around, coming from a few NBA executives, that pressing the trade button the soonest will be good for Washington.

"There are 'loads of people' inside the league who believe the Wizards would be better off trading Bradley Beal for young players and picks as soon as they could," the report quoted Fred Katz of The Athletic as saying.

It's unclear what are the reasons behind the sentiment, but it could be that the same executives are convinced Beal's partnership with Wall is not heading to the anticipated results, and the tandem is the cornerstone of the Wizards' campaign for years.