Ivanka Trump has voiced out a few concerns following George Floyd's death in recent weeks. While criticisms have continued to overflow toward her, reports noted that she, like her stepmother, Melania Trump, has manifested a "different tone" than her father, Donald Trump.a

On social media, the First Daughter has expressed her opposition toward violence, which has become rampant as protests continue to ask for justice. But, in light of this, Wichita State University Tech reportedly announced their cancellation of Ivanka's commencement speech, which was set to occur on June 6.

The community college released a statement on Thursday informing that they have cancelled Ivanka Trump's speech, according to People. The official message from the WSU Tech president, Dr Sheree Utash, was released the same day it was announced that the First Daughter would give a speech on the virtual event.

In the official message, it reads that "in light of the social justice issues" that have since emerged from George Floyd's death," the President said "sorry" that the timing of the announcement was "insensitive." She also explained that this "was never the intent."

The message then went on to announce that the only commencement speaker for the virtual event would be Rebecca Zinabu, who is a "practical nursing graduate" from the community college. As explained, this would "ensure" that the focus of the event would be about the "graduates" in celebration of their "accomplishments."

Despite the cancellation of Ivanka Trump's speech, Dr Sheree Utash cleared out that the graduates may "separately view" the First Daughter's and the rest of the community members' "congratulatory messages."

It was not detailedly explained on the official release why they decided to drop Ivanka Trump. But, The Wichita Eagle revealed that this decision reportedly came after the community college "faced public pressure" from its faculty, students, and alumni, according to CNN.

It is said that allowing Ivanka Trump to deliver her speech at the ceremony would "send the wrong message" amid the apparent unrest across the United States.

Ivanka reportedly got an invite to pre-record a commencement speech in February for the event on June 6. Following the announcement of the cancellation, the First Daughter released her pre-recorded message on Twitter and reportedly discussed the "cancel culture" in her posts.

She said that the campuses across the nation should be "bastions of free speech." Ivanka Trump then asserted that the "cancel culture," as well as the "viewpoint discrimination" are all "antithetical to academia."