Millie Bobby Brown has been accused of being a brat when interacting with her fans. A tabloid alleged that the success of Stranger Things has blown up the actress' ego. 

NW highlighted this week in its section, titled "This Week's Big Questions," the question if Brown has turned into a brat. The tabloid assumed that she is, based on a supposed source, some misinterpret quotes from her co-star, and video of the young actress.

A source of NW claimed the fame has gone to the head of the 16-year-old British star. It alleged that Brown has been "cold, aloof, and downright rude" during promotional events for Stranger Things Season 3. 

The insider claimed Brown was all smiles and animated when she's in front of the cameras. However, she stopped smiling and talking to anyone around her when cameras stopped rolling. 

People around Millie were, allegedly, embarrassed by her bad manners and have been telling her that it was not the right way to start her career. This, allegedly, prompted her publicists to give her a lesson on how to deal with the media and fans. 

Then NW also cherry-picked a statement of actor David Harbour about Brown in her interview with Variety in 2017 and interpreted it as the young actress has a huge ego. Harbour played the role of police chief Jim Hopper, who also stood like a father-figure to Eleven, Millie's character in the Netflix series. 

In the said interview, Harbour said he is cautious about "blowing too much smoke" on Brown's already "well-filled smoke ass." The actor was talking about not putting too much pressure on the young star as he wants to see her reaching her full potential as an actress on her own. 

Harbour also admitted that he is protective of Brown because she was young when she reached fame. He added that people should not give too much attention to the teen and let her live a normal life. 

As for the claim that Brown was rude when interacting with her fans, it noted a video of Brown taken by a fan and shared on YouTube during Stranger Things promotion on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. In the clip, the Godzilla: King of the Monsters actress was seen signing autographs and taking photos with fans. 

She did not interact much with the fans but was not rude to them. Gossip Cop noted that it is normal for teens to be moody but it doesn't make her a brat. 

Gossip Cop noted that it is unfair to label Brown as a brat over a few instances that she wasn't as energetic or engaged than she usually is. The outlet noted that no one really knows what Brown was going through on a given day that could explain her behavior. 

Moreover, during her 16th birthday earlier this year, Brown talked about how the media treated her. She admitted that the inaccurate reporting about her as well as the inappropriate comments she has been receiving caused her pain and insecurities.