Many real estate agents are still adjusting with the new norm that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us. One of the big changes is the use of technology in order for them to operate and still abide by the rules designed to keep everybody safe.

That being said, let's take a look at how real estate tech can help agents be productive in the age of coronavirus and beyond.

Digital Communications

Due to social distancing guidelines, real estate agents have been forced to use digital tools in order to connect with clients. A great way to help generate leads and increase client touchpoints is by using chatbots.

With chatbots, communication is open 24/7. Agents will be able to accommodate clients even after office hours, provide then with info and set up dates when to conduct virtual tours.

It's important to accommodate clients in the hours they prefer considering there's a whole bunch of real estate agents they can always run to if they find you unavailable. If you give them the information ahead of time, streamlining the buying process will come easier.

Automate Properties

Social distancing is still our top priority these days, even after quarantine guidelines have been laxed. If you're an agent who's still not comfortable showing up in person to conduct tours and walk-throughs, you can still allow clients to do so by taking advantage of smart homes.

When a piece of property has a smart lock system, clients will still get to see everything, even without the agent present. Agents can create one-day codes using smart lock technology so they can control who gets to go in and out of a property.

Virtual Walk-Throughs

Virtual reality has allowed for open houses without being physically present, which is the ideal way to conduct walk-throughs these days due to COVID-19. Using virtual reality, agents can even show properties that aren't finished with construction yet.

Many real estate listings platforms now have been integrated with AI systems that act as a stand-in for the agent and take clients on a virtual tour of the property. Using this tech, agents can still increase revenue by continuing to conduct showings without having to leave the house.

Agents can also settle the process faster by using tools that let them monitor closing status and investments, making the closing process more secure, streamlined, and transparent.

Undeniably, new technology has enabled real estate agents to stay afloat in these trying times. With tech, being productive in the industry is possible.