Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage has remained to be one of the most talked-about relationships in recent times. Aside from the fact that it started in a "fairytale-like" narrative, the entirety of the controversial relationship caught the attention of many.

In 1981, the Wales couple tied the knot. The wedding even became one of the most expensive and grandest weddings in history.

However, the Prince and Princess "officially separated" in 1992. Although there were allegedly talks of "getting back together," Queen Elizabeth II eventually asked the former couple to divorce each other. In 1996, the papers were finalized.

Despite the controversial and "tension-filled" split between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the former couple reportedly went "emotional" on the day when their divorce was finalized. As it happened, the Prince and Princess of Wales sat down and "cried together" after, according to The Sun.

Speaking in the documentary, The Royal Family At War, royal biographer Ingrid Seward reportedly revealed that the former Wales couple "sat down" on a sofa and shed tears together. It was about the "crazy separation" but, afterward, the two royals moved on to "much better terms," the royal expert added.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's relationship was reportedly "doomed" from the very beginning. Several royal biographers and commentators noted that aside from the huge age gap between the two royals, the Heir Apparent was also in love with someone else, as per Cheat Sheet.

As everyone would recall, the Prince of Wales had an affair with his then-former girlfriend, Camilla Parker Bowles, who is now his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall. Because of this, the marriage from the beginning was already heading toward a breakdown.

The Queen's firstborn son also reportedly admitted in an interview in 1994 that the marriage had "irretrievably broke down." They were not happy for very long, the publication added.

Despite this, Princess Diana reportedly loved Prince Charles from the start. Many former royal aides of the late Princess also shared that she did not want to get a divorce. "She would have stayed," or made it work with her husband as she was in love with the royal-born Prince, the Princess' personal trainer, Jenni Rivett shared. 

A year after, the tragic death of the Princess happened, which ended everything between her and Prince Charles, although, they were respectively dating someone else already, as per claims. Nevertheless, their two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry will always be a major link between them, despite the failed marriage.