Kate Middleton has always received praise from fans and fashion experts because of her style and appearance. As always, the Duchess has appeared stylish and fashionable every time she steps out for royal engagements and events.

Ever since her arrival to the royal fold, royal fans and the media have followed her. In fact, many have always wondered what brands she typically prefers and wears. This is why fashion brands would always send items to the Duchess' assistants so that she could choose from them and wear them, which then benefits the marketing aspect of these brands and names.

While the fashion choices made by Kate Middleton are always on point, there is no doubt that she has always the help of her stylists. Just like any member of the British Royal Family, especially those who always step out to attend engagements and appearances, they have personal stylists.

But, despite this, there are certain fashion challenges that everyone would always experience, including even the Duchess of Cambridge. Hence, using fashion tricks and hacks to resolve such concerns are reportedly apparent, as well, in the lives of the British Royals.

One of the great examples of this is the donning of hats. As stated, there is a very important reason behind her hats, according to Cheat Sheet.

When the Duchess of Cambridge goes on trips and travels, many have noticed that she always wears hats, particularly when stepping out of the plane. Etiquette expert Myka Meier reportedly explained to The Sun that this is a trick that Kate Middleton utilizes to keep her hair in place.

Often times when stepping out of a plane, the wind is reportedly uncontrollable. So, to keep the hairdo in place, hats are donned.

She then reportedly noted that this is important, especially for the royals since the first photos that normally go viral are the ones taken when they go out of their cars or planes. Accordingly, Kate uses these accessories so that the photos would appear pleasant. 

Aside from hats, Kate Middleton also reportedly uses "hairnets," especially when she has an updo in place. This is for "additional security" to avoid any fashion mishap, the reports added.

Aside from the Duchess of Cambridge, most female British Royals utilize several fashion tricks and hacks to look pleasant and appealing before the public. These normally include the sticky pads for their heels and bodysuits to avoid the "bunching" of tucked-ins.