Donald Trump had three weddings to three different women. The first one was with Ivana Trump. But, it ended because of his affair with Marla Maples, who eventually became his second wife.

Although they have a daughter, Tiffany Trump, the marriage did not last long. A few years later, the then-billionaire mogul entered his third and latest marriage with Melania Trump, and they have been married for more than 15 years now.

While his wife and former partners have become the most famous links that the reports have talked about for years, some publications revealed that Donald Trump also had histories with other women, particularly, those who, reportedly, "rejected" his "advances." These women, who some of them directly revealed their brush-ins with the now-US President, are mostly celebrities and high-profile personalities. One of them includes Princess Diana, according to The Sun.

It is noted, though, that the late Princess of Wales never made any comments about Trump. However, the reports said that, in 2015, BBC TV presenter, Selina Scott shared that the American leader gave the royal Princess "the creeps."

As explained, Donald Trump, allegedly, "bombarded" Princess Diana at Kensington Palace with "massive" bouquets. It is understood that this was after she and Prince Charles officially separated in 1992. Each of the bouquets of flowers "worth hundreds of pounds," the presenter added.

Following the death of the Princess, Trump also, reportedly, made shocking claims on air with Howard Stern. The publication stated that he and the celebrity DJ and host talked about the "looks" of the recently-deceased royal.

They, reportedly, discussed that Princess Diana was "supermodel beautiful" and "had the height," not to mention, a "magnificent skin." Donald Trump also "boasted" that he "could have gotten" and "nailed" the Princess, the reports said.

Despite the assertions made on the record, the Kensington Palace have, reportedly, remained silent about the matter. Nevertheless, it is believed that some of the members of the British Royal Family have not liked his comments toward the late royal.

Apart from Princess Diana, several celebrities, reportedly, revealed that they were "hit on" by Donald Trump in the past. Some of them even said that this happened while he was married to his first wife, as per Cheat Sheet.

The list released by the reports includes Salma Hayek, Emma Thompson, Candice Bergen, Brooke Shields, Christie Brinkley, and Catherine Oxenburg. They all, reportedly, "rejected" the now-US President for his "advances."