Melania Trump and Donald Trump have been married for more than a decade now. In five years, they will already celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

While the relationship was reportedly a great and happy one, based on the First Couple's old interviews, things have seemingly changed, likely since their arrival inside the White House. As stated, their marriage does not inspire "love," at all, according to Cheat Sheet.

The publication noted that there have been a lot of speculations and allegations concerning Melania Trump and Donald Trump's relationship. Aside from the alleged extra-marital affairs, it is said that the US President does not treat the First Lady right as he always "humiliates" her even in public.

With all of the negative manifestation of their relationship in the eyes of the public, many have wondered why Melania refuses to divorce her husband. As per sources, there are a few speculations as to why.

The first one being is that Melania Trump loves her only son, Barron Trump. She does not reportedly want to be away from her son if in case she decides to split with her husband. So, in short, the First Lady reportedly stays for the sake of their kid.

In this given point, many have reportedly argued that she will still certainly have the custody of Barron if she chooses to divorce the US President. Legal experts are also said to have agreed in this argument.

While it is possible that the First Lady stays for the sake of her son, other "insiders" reportedly revealed with publications that she is not planning to divorce Donald Trump because she loves her. Despite all the unpleasant things that have plagued them and their relationship, she plans to "stay put," the source added.

These are plausible reasons why Melania Trump would not divorce her husband. But, a former White House aide has another opinion about the matter, according to the Independent.

Omarosa Manigault Newman reportedly claimed that the US President will find a way to deport his wife from the United States if she pulls the "ultimate humiliation" of divorcing him amid his presidency. As stated, the former aide shared these points on her "tell-all memoir", Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House, featuring her time inside the White House.

After the claims went viral, the former spokesperson for the US President, and now the East Wing's Chief of Staff, Stephanie Grisham reportedly responded. Based on her statements, Omarosa Manigault Newman and Melania Trump "rarely, if ever, interacted" during her time working inside the White House.

She also said that it is "disappointing" that the former aide is "lashing out" in a "self-serving way" after all the things and opportunities that Donald Trump gave to her.