Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump's relationship has intrigued a lot of people. Since the First Family's arrival inside the White House, several speculations have emerged about the two women's treatment of each other.

While some photos have shown a warm and close tie between them, sources from various publications have contended that this is not the actual dynamic between them. As repeatedly claimed, there has been an apparent tension and rift between Ivanka and Melania.

It remains unclear, though, what started the rift. But, many are, reportedly, certain that the two female Trumps do no get along well with each other.

In a recently released unofficial biography of the First Lady titled, The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump, several details proving the tension between Melania and Ivanka Trump were revealed. This included the reported "snarky" nicknames that they have for each other, according to Business Insider.

As explained, the First Lady has been heard calling the First Daughter "The Princess." On the other hand, Ivanka, reportedly, called her stepmother, "The Portrait" because she rarely speaks.

These new details came days early before the unofficial biography went published. On Sunday, the New York Times, reportedly, released a pre-review of the material, which went out on Tuesday.

Aside from the nicknames that the two female Trumps, reportedly, have for each other, other details of their strained relationship also came about in the book. One of these was the recently released headline that Ivanka Trump tried to change the name of the East Wing into the "First Family Office."

Sources also, reportedly, said that the First Daughter treated the White House Residence as her own while Melania Trump was still in New York with Barron Trump. Also, the First Lady, allegedly, took advantage of her relocation to the White House as a "leverage" to renegotiate the terms of her prenup

Upon learning all the things that Ivanka did while she was away, Donald Trump's wife "did not like it," as per claims. So, after her move to Washington D.C., she enforced "firm boundaries," author Mary Jordan asserted.

Following the book's release on Tuesday, the White House stated that story is "totally false," according to the Daily Mail. As shared with the publication, this is "untrue information" obtained from "anonymous sources."

The East Wing's Chief of Staff also, reportedly, released a similar statement about the unofficial biography about Melania Trump. As stated, Stephanie Grisham noted that the contents of the material are left with the "most ridiculous and salacious lies" including the story about the "snarky" nicknames.