More than three years have passed since Melania Trump's name emerged. But, she has since, reportedly, maintained her mysterious character despite being one of the most popular and powerful personalities in the United States.

Although several details of her life have already come into the light, it remains unclear which of these things are factual and fictional. Some biographers and experts even said that even those who are close to her would either refuse to talk or do not know the exact details about her life.

With this dynamic at hand, reports said that it is a "great point" for the authors of her "unofficial" biographies for trying to decipher the President's wife. The latest effort just, reportedly, went in public when The Washington Post's Mary Jordan released her very own, The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump, according to USA Today.

In the newly published biography, the author, reportedly, depicted Melania as a "deliberate" and "focused" person. It is also said that she deemed her a "careful planner" and a "long-game player."

Alongside these characteristics, Jordan also, reportedly, asserted that Melania is the "most influential" voice inside the White House. As added, her husband, Donald Trump largely listens to her as she is the "single most important adviser" to him during his time as the US President. She is the "one voice" he listens to always, the author said.

The reports noted that the author cited several examples in her material that prove these claims. One of which, reportedly, included the choosing of Trump's vice president. As claimed, Melania Trump is the reason why Mike Pence was chosen.

Contrary to popular notings, the book also, reportedly, pointed out that the First Lady has leverages and opinions. Melania is "not fragile," the author described.

In terms of the leverages, The Art of Her Deal also alleged that Melania used her need to relocate inside the White House to "renegotiate" the terms of her prenup, as per The Hill. The author also, reportedly, added that the First Lady "felt" that she "contributed" to Donald Trump's success, and therefore giving her more entitlement to his wealth.

Points of "tension" between her and Ivanka Trump are also, reportedly, pointed out in the book, as per claims. There is even the claim that the First Daughter tried to change the name of the East Wing office prior to Melania Trump's arrival in the White House.

Despite the believable claims made in the new unofficial biography, Melania's Chief of Staff, reportedly, "rebuked" the assertions and said that they are all "fiction."