In less than five months, the United States will either welcome a new President or see Donald Trump as he continues to lead the country. While several things could happen before November arrives, "fears" have, reportedly, become apparent that the incumbent President might not leave his post if he loses the upcoming presidential race.

Despite this, Trump quashed and "brushed aside" such thoughts during his interview on Friday, according to Politico. As stated, he assured the public that he would leave his office if he would not win. 

Speaking to Fox News' Harris Faulkner, Donald Trump, reportedly, said that if he does not win the election, he will "go on" and "do other things." Also, "if I don't win, I don't win," he added.

The President continued to share his thoughts about the upcoming elections. He, reportedly, said that it would be a "very bad thing" for the United States if he loses. 

It is noted that the whole narrative emerged after Joe Biden, who will likely become Trump's official rival for the post, "raised" the concern in his interview days prior. As explained, the former Vice President told Trevor Noah on The Daily Show that Donald Trump might "try to steal" the election.

The publication noted that his statements seemingly referred to the incumbent President's "opposition" to the mail-in voting. Therefore, warning the public that Trump might attempt to "suppress votes."

Following the statements, Joe Biden has also, reportedly, "acknowledged" that Trump might not resort to a "peaceful transition of power" if he loses in November. Nevertheless, the former Vice President, reportedly, asserted that he is "absolutely convinced" that the officials will "escort him from the White House."

The entirety of the discussion regarding the upcoming Presidential election, reportedly, comes after the national polls have shown that Joe Biden has been recently taking the lead. Some publications noted that this might be the result of the "cascading disasters" that Trump has been facing in the last few months of his current term.

Donald Trump is likely in "danger of being overwhelmed," Live Mint reported. Amid the pandemic crisis that has already taken more than 100,000 lives, there also comes the "economic slump" in the country, which has, reportedly, cost over 40 million jobs across the United States. Aside from these points, the same report also noted that there is also the apparent unrest across the country following the death of George Floyd, who died in custody.