Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have always intrigued a lot of people concerning the real nature of their relationship. While it remains unclear if a rift has existed since the former actress' arrival to the royal fold, many sources have reportedly attested that they do not have a close relationship with each other.

For several years, allegations of rifts and feuds have bombarded the two royal duchesses. Some even concluded that this played a role in the Sussex couple's decision to quit the royal life.

Months after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's exit, or the so-called "Megxit," a shocking article from Tatler titled, Catherine The Great, released several allegations about Kate Middleton, according to Cheat Sheet. One of these reportedly included the Duchess of Cambridge's complaints of feeling swamped and "exhausted" because of the added responsibilities left by Megxit. There were also claims in the piece alleging that Prince William is "obsessed" with his wife's mother, Carole Middleton.

Following the release of the article, the Cambridge couple reportedly shocked the public as they made a legal move against the publication. Also, Kensington Palace reportedly called out and "blasted" the claims stating that there are no truths to these things.

The whole debacle has brought forward a few "friends" of Meghan Markle and shared the Duchess of Sussex's thoughts about it, according to the Daily Mail. As revealed, the Duchess, who has since relocated to Los Angeles, has "complained" that Kate Middleton "snaps her fingers" and the Palace already backs her after a negative story went viral. This is a "slap in the face" of the Sussex couple, particularly, Prince Harry, the source reportedly added.

The Duchess of Sussex's friends also reportedly told the same publication that she "felt" that the Duchess of Cambridge "secretly envied" her. The reason behind this is that Meghan reportedly has the "ability to speak her mind." Kate Middleton has "herself to blame," Meghan reportedly told her friends.

The sources continued to share that Meghan Markle is "not surprised" that Kate is "taking jabs" at her. The Duchess of Sussex also reportedly told her friends that the Duchess of Cambridge was never "supportive," which was "hurtful" and "disappointing" for the former actress.

But, among all the British Royals, it is said that Meghan previously revealed to them that she "had hoped" for her and Kate to "develop a close relationship." However, she was not reportedly given the "benefit of the doubt" and a chance.