Melania Trump and Donald Trump just recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. While their marriage is the US President's longest, by far, it still faces intense scrutiny from the public.

Since their arrival inside the White House, several individuals, reportedly, believe that both of them are "unhappy" with their relationship. Speculations and allegations have continued to emerge claiming that the First Lady will likely soon divorce her husband. 

Amid all the talks about their relationship, Melania and Donald have, reportedly, remained silent about the matter. Nevertheless, reports recently shared what they are like as husband and wife.

Melania Trump and Donald Trump spend much "less time" together, according to Cheat Sheet. As reported, they are too busy with their respective endeavors, especially now that they are inside the White House.

A friend also, reportedly, told The Washington Post that the First Couple has "little," in fact, even "no time" for each other. As the US President spends most of his time in the West Wing, the First Lady focuses on the East Wing and their son, Barron.

The source then shared that Melania "rarely" visits her husband in the West Wing. They are seldomly seen together. Not to mention, in the Executive Residence, they also have separate rooms, the reports said.

The First Couple's routines also, reportedly, differ from each other's. Although they both wake up at 5:30 in the morning, as per Business Insider, they, reportedly, do separate and different activities.

For Donald Trump, it is said that the first thing he does is that he checks his phone and social media accounts. This is, reportedly, followed by thorough news watching in his room and his breakfast. Once done, that is the only time that he will, reportedly, proceed at the Oval Office.

In the case of Melania Trump, she, reportedly, starts her day by doing exercises. As claimed, she loves doing Pilates and cardio routines.

Following her early morning routines, she, reportedly, prepares healthy breakfast meals for her and Barron. Afterward, she then proceeds to her office to do her work.

While the First Couple has little to no time for each other, Melania Trump and Donald Trump, reportedly, love each other dearly. Mary Jordan also revealed in her latest book, The Art of Her Deal, that their love is "ultra-complicated."

Despite not seeing or spending time together, it is said that they are excited to update each other every after certain events. They are also, reportedly, happy and comfortable living their lives apart, which is said to be what works best in their marriage.