"Death Stranding" is set to arrive on the PC platform in a few weeks. But, ahead of the game's release on the platform, it appears that the legendary game creator Hideo Kojima is hinting about "Death Stranding 2." Interestingly, many believe that the sequel or the new game might take place in space.

The latest information about "Death Stranding 2" was hinted at by Hideo Kojima on the social networking site Twitter. The game creator shared a few photos showing his workspace with the fist image featuring a toy of a BB. The toy is placed on top of a sketch, which looks like a vessel or a spaceship.

Many gamers and fans noticed that the design bears a lot of similarities to the Starship Enterprise. It turns out that Kojima is currently working with Yohi Shinkawa on early concepts for his next title. Shinkawa is a big name in the gaming industry and was the art director of "Death Stranding."

He is also the mecha and lead character designer for the equally successful franchise, "Metal Gear." Fans were quick to assume that the duo could be working on "Death Stranding 2" or a new IP based on the images. Interestingly, taking a closer look at the images, Kojima shared on Twitter reveals that the vessel could be a Landing Ship issued by BRIDGES.

For the uninitiated, BRIDGES is the fictional government in "Death Stranding." It is highly likely that the vessel is a ship that floats in space or travels the black oceans of the death stranding. While Kojima does not reveal the title of the game, he says that he is working on a new title.

However, many fans believe that the giant BB in the center of the photo certainly hints at the possibility of "Death Stranding 2." It is also worth noting that what Kojima is hinting could be about "Death Stranding's" DLC. There is also a chance that the Japanese game maker is just trolling fans.

It can be recalled that in Feb 2020, Kojima teased about a mysterious trailer. He also noted earlier that he was interested in making the scariest horror title. At this point, nothing is official yet about "Death Stranding 2."

The latest tweet from the Japanese legendary game director is a positive indicator that he is working on something that could arrive soon. At present, PC gamers are waiting for the release of "Death Stranding" on the platform. The game is scheduled to arrive on Jul 14, 2020.