As the lockdown rules around the world gradually ease, it looks like Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, already knew what place she wants to visit. In a virtual chat with the Australian charity, Givit, Prince Charles' wife revealed she wants to see everyone behind the organization in person when the situation permits her to do so.

Camilla spoke with the trust's founder, Juliette Wright, through a video call and talked about her love for Australia and her previous visits to the country. The future Queen also praised Wright's work for Givit, a not-for-profit organization that helps people and communities when needed by directly giving them the donated funds and goods.

According to Hello! Magazine, the mother-of-two was proclaimed Givit's new patron earlier this month. In a statement, Wright said that the foundation and the duchess have the same strong values to help other people and communities in "very real and practical ways."

The 72-year-old royal praised Wright, believing she is "absolutely incredible." She called the cause a "really inspirational idea," given that the country it is helping is so huge. However, due to its massiveness, the charity has a lot of miles to cover.

As they seemed to enjoy their talk, Wright told the member of the Royal Family that she was looking forward to meeting her in person when she had the chance to visit Australia. She then replied that she could not wait for her next visit, as she had "so many things" she wanted to do and see in their beautiful country.

Camilla then recalled her previous visits to Australia, which had all been fantastic. She also revealed that she loved their nation, its people's humor, and their laid-back attitude that always gave her a good laugh.

It was in 2018 when Camilla last visited Australia with her husband, Prince Charles. At the time, they attended the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Twenty other members of the charity joined Camilla and Wright in the video call. Princes William and Harry's stepmom told them that she was proud to be their patron. At the end of the call, she hoped to see them all sooner than later, assuring that she would all meet them one day.

Canberra Times noted that Givit works with all levels of government in Australia. It has over 3,400 registered charities and community groups that it helps by managing its donations. It also makes sure that people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have access to basic necessities when needed.