DC Universe hasn't yet officially announced the renewal status of Harley Quinn season 3, but many were optimistic that the story of the titular anti-heroine will further continue. The finale of the previous installment set up new stories in the future.

While DC Universe has yet to renew or cancel Harley Quinn season 3, viewers believe the animated series is coming back for more. It also looks like the streaming service may want to continue it, considering the current situation.

Because of the real-life health crisis happening around the globe right now, production for live-action shows will not be able to start immediately. It is much easier to pull off animated shows remotely, given that they don't need to travel to certain locations.

Furthermore, DC Universe already approved the second installment even before the first season aired. Season 2 premiered just a month after season 1 concluded. And while fans can't see the third installment that quickly, it's clear that there's a demand for the animated series.

When it comes to the potential release date of Harley Quinn season 3, nothing is certain as of this writing. But if ever the streaming service will renew it, production could start by then. We can likely expect the arrival of the new installment either in early or mid-2021.

As for the plot, season 2 ended with Harley Quinn and her best friend Poison Ivy professing their love and desire to pursue a romantic relationship with one another. It was confirmed that when the new season arrives, the two will become a couple.

Speaking to Syfy, executive producers Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker revealed this particular storyline has been approved for Harley Quinn season 3. They become a couple and their relationship will be further explored in the upcoming installment.

Meanwhile, the new season also sees a lot of people are out for revenge against the titular character following the events that happened in the season 2 finale. For instance, Police Commissioner Jim Gordon is determined to capture the supervillain by all means.

In addition, the third season could see the return of Doctor Psycho. He planned to dominate the world in the penultimate of the second installment but was thwarted but Harley and Ivy. He's probably out there seeking revenge.

Harley Quinn season 3 could also bring New God tyrant Darkseid back. He swore that he would return one day and terraform the planet into a scrapyard. He's likely planning for revenge as well since Harley turned down his offer lay waste to the Earth.