As early as now, Kate Middleton revealed there is already a healthy competition between her three children. However, it's not a serious sibling rivalry but a healthy one.

Kate Middleton revealed Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are competing over their sunflower-growing competition. The kids are now having a contest at their Norfolk home in Anmer Hall.

While helping to create a new garden at The Nook, a children's hospital near Norwich, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed the healthy completion her kids were in. According to Hello! Magazine, she said the three are enjoying growing their sunflowers.

However, as little Louis seems to be winning, Prince Louis is feeling a bit grumpy about it. By the looks of it, the Cambridges' firstborn inherited his parents' competitiveness.

To recall, the royal pair had been teasing each other during their head-to-head public activities, like when they raced off the Isle of Wight. Prince William even made fun of his wife when she got a giant wooden spoon when her team lost over his in the King's Cup regatta.

Meanwhile, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are both homeschooled due to the COVID-19 lockdown. The kids are attending Thomas's Battersea School in London, where the eldest Cambridge is in Year 2 while his sister just started in Reception in September.

However, it remains to be seen what two kids will do once they finish. Mirror noted Prince William and Kate Middleton will have a hard time to decide if they will send their two kids off to a boarding school.

Thomas's Battersea School offers education to kids up to 13 years old. But, the future King and Queen may send them off to secondary school earlier than expected.

Majesty Magazine's Ingrid Seward told OK! Magazine Prince William and Kate Middleton would base their decision on each child. But, they might break from the royal boarding school tradition.

As they are well known modern parents, they may "weigh up" their decision very carefully. Before they decide, they may wait to see how their kids' personalities will develop. From here, they will analyze if they can live away from home.

As it seems to be a common sight today that the more modern royals are breaking from the tradition, it may never be a surprise if Prince William and Kate Middleton do their own thing for their kids. If they see that their children are happy in their school, they may see no reason to put them in a boarding school.