WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for Hightown episode 8. Read at your own risk.

Hightown episode 8 is set to come out within a few weeks on Starz, with the title "#Blessed." This is the season finale of the series, so be prepared for big stories and unexpected reveals. However, fans may need to wait for a while since the episode is not airing this week.

Hightown episode 8 is not arriving this week, largely because of the July 4th holiday. Viewers need to wait for another week in order to see the season finale. And once it arrives, expect to see whether or not Jackie and Ray could finally close the murder case.

In doing this, they have to take down Osito first, and then pin some of the crimes on Frankie. The process is not easy at all and they could be facing personal battles along the way. Jackie, in particular, has to face the demons insider her head.

She broke her sobriety this season -- which was before the death of Krista. Now, Jackie has to deal with the fact that she wasn't able to save Junior, whose body might be found in the early run on the episode. These deaths could probably cause her to break down again and will complicate the investigation.

As for Ray, he can track down Osito or Frank -- as long as there's no external sabotage. One of his struggles here is that Renee is aware he's billing her as a CI. The latter thought they were something more, but she feels betrayed now.

This is a huge problem for him and it might lead to more problems later on. Perhaps, Renee could put Ray in a complicated situation. After all, she's been emotionally burned so she could come up with something to possibly destroy him.

Hightown episode 8 could also leave a cliffhanger. If the current case gets resolved, then the series could offer a new case that should be explored. The story can focus on something new now, and there could also be new developments and evolutions among some characters in the future.

The good news is that this is not the finale season of Hightown. In June 2020, Starz renewed the series for a second installment. Clearly, there are a lot of stories to tell here. But we can't expect the new installment arriving anytime soon, as filming may not start immediately due to the health crisis.

Hightown episode 8 airs Sunday night, July 12, on Starz.