Britney Spears' older brother broke his silence about the long-running conservatorship of her sister, Britney Spears. He clarified the public's perception that the "Toxic" singer has been "imprisoned" for years under their father's conservatorship. 

In an episode of the As NOT Seen on TV podcast, Bryan admitted that his younger sister has "always wanted to get out" of the conservatorship of their father, Jamie Spears. However, he said it doesn't mean that she is being held against her will.

After Britney had a public breakdown in 2007 that also led to her hospitalization, her father was given authority over her personal decisions as well as her finances. Last year, the Spears patriarch stepped down as conservator amidst a child abuse investigation involving one of Britney's sons. He was ultimately cleared of all charges. 

Bryan admitted he was "caught by surprise" when the conservatorship was granted to his father in 2008. However, he added that it has been "a great thing" for their family. Now, he is hoping that everything will be resolved for the best. 

He was also asked by host Drew Plotkin if the family is happy about how their father handles Britney's conservatorship. Bryan admitted that, like in other families, they also had disagreements on certain things. However, overall, he said his father has done the best that he could on the task given to him. 

Meanwhile, Bryan Spears also admitted that he is aware of Britney's fans #FreeBritney campaign and they are grateful for their support to the singer. Bryan said their family is blown away by how much fans care about the singer. 

The #FreeBritney campaign has been demanding the end of Jamie Spears' conservatorship over his daughter. Fans believe that the 38-year-old singer has been denied basic human rights under her father's guardianship, which they stressed should only apply to incapacitated individuals. They demand the conservatorship to end. 

Britney Spears' conservatorship is set to end next month. However, it could still be extended depending on the judge's ruling. Bryan said that there have been changes to the singer's conservatorship since it first took effect over a decade ago.

He added that, if it does end, his sister will be facing new challenges in doing everything on her own. He explained that the "Womanizer" singer has been surrounded by a team since she was 15. She will make adjustments when she starts to decide on her own when the conservatorship ends. 

So far, no information has been released about the recent conservatorship hearing as the media was blocked. Bryan said he, also, wasn't aware of how the hearing goes but he hopes that it goes well for everyone.