BMW remains a popular and lush name for folks who are into cars. They are luxury vehicles in the eyes of many but the need to adapt to changes and some environmental concerns is a need. To achieve that, BMW has plans to offer some electric vehicles of their own. It will be part of their planned product overhaul to lower emissions.

BMW plans to achieve that goal with its planned launch of electric vehicles. With the goals of seeing more than 7 million vehicles on the road in the next decade, it all starts in 2021. Two-thirds of their planned releases for next year will be fully-electric cars.

There will be five electric vehicle variants set for launch in 2021. Among the vehicles that will be offered include the BMW i3, Mini Cooper SE, BMW iX3, BMW iNEXT, and BMW i4. These vehicles will only be the start of more cars over the horizon. BMW has plans to boost its product offering with 25 more electric-powered vehicles in 2023. Despite promising plans, the car company did not specify actual dates, for now, Reuters reported.

But of the mix of vehicles that BMW plans to offer, the 5-series is undoubtedly the most popular one. Most know this luxury vehicle powered by standard fuel so there are questions in mind in terms of performance. Some may ponder on comfort although this is likely to be well addressed. It s more about the power requirements shifting to an electric-powered function. Will BMW be able to achieve the same (if not better) performance with a more eco-friendly vehicle?

This is an aspect that should raise interest among car enthusiasts. Though other brands like Tesla have offered credible transport solutions running on electric, the shift from gas-powered cars to something electric will be something to look forward to. Based on the initiative that BMW is trying to achieve, folks need not worry. Bent on cutting carbon emissions, BMW may have some new technology that should make these vehicles worth waiting for.

Details on what the BMW 5-series and other EVs remain unknown for now. Running in the minds of many is how far will a full charge do. Related to that, the frequency of charging is also up in the air.

BMW is bent on reaching these climate target goals which could be a big shift on their end. Other car companies are doing the same so it will be interesting how the German multinational company can keep abreast of the changes its competitors are adopting.