Only 23 and Donovan Mitchell is already doing impressive work for the Utah Jazz. The All-Star's stock is seen continue rising and there is a belief that Mitchell will develop into full stardom, someone in the mold of Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and Stephen Curry.

Before the coronavirus pandemic forced the NBA shutdown, Mitchell was firing off more than 24 points per game on a shooting accuracy of 45%. The young guard, no doubt, is one of the main forces that revved up the Jazz campaign in the season.

Utah is on the playoffs and can actually play for the title, and that fact is partly because of Mitchell, whose partnership with big man Rudy Gobert is seen to be working wonders for the Jazz.

However, one NBA executive is pointing to the Jazz guard as the club's main man. Mitchell is predicted to make thing happen for Utah, short- and long-term, according to Clutch Points.

"Donovan Mitchell is on the level of Dwayne Wade, Stephen Curry, and LeBron James as far as he can be your leader on and off the court," the Western Conference executive was reported as saying.

It appeared that Mitchell's scoring prowess, which he displays anywhere on the floor, has made a good impression on the executive. And it bears to mention too that the guard's leadership on the court is something that any club can benefit from. In the years to come, it will not come as a surprise if the Jazz star will turn out as one of the dominant figures in the NBA.

There is a catch, however, for Mitchell to continue flourishing and pushing Utah to future NBA greatness. The same executive could not see Mitchell reaching his optimal level with Gobert still part of the Jazz roster.

The proposition is simple, as far as the anonymous official is concerned. Mitchell is viewed as the future for Utah and he is therefore indispensable. If the Jazz have to pick between the two, it should be an easy choice for the team, the executive hinted.

It should be noted, however, that while Mitchell and Gobert have reportedly been feuding, such was not evident when the two headlined for the Jazz in the bubble game against the New Orleans Pelicans in Orlando. Utah won, 106-104, and the duo collaborated smoothly to achieve the victory, ESPN reported.

At the end of the game, the two stars were seen exchanging high-fives and the scene was described by Gobert as their decision "to take the high road in life."

So it would seem that a split is not required for now between Mitchell and Gobert as attested by the latest game in the NBA season restart.