For mobile phone owners, keeping their displays on all the time is preferred. The only problem is that such a choice would have repercussions. That includes drains it would have on the phone's battery. OnePlus is one of the companies aware of this but seems to be working on something to make Always-on-Display (AOD) work. That update could come via Oxygen 11.

OnePlus wants its users to have a hand in making suggestions to improve their phone line. But one feature that does not appeal to them is the AOD feature. Batteries are likely to be strained, not to mention raise questions on the display heating if turned on. Technology does have a way of addressing these concerns and it appears OnePlus has something up its sleeve. CEO Pete Lau teased something coming via Oxygen 11 on social media and it is apparent that it has something to do with the AOD feature.

This development is believed to have stemmed from a previous poll put up by OnePlus last March. People were asked to vote on the said feature and AOD stood out. Aware that this was something that needed deeper study, OnePlus may have come up with something. However, there remain questions about how they would go about it.

Back in 2018, the AOD feature was removed due to battery drain concerns. Even if there were only some pixels turned on, the fact remains that this would take a strain out of the battery. While Lau's Twitter post gave people who wanted the feature hope, it would be best to lower expectations. It remains that it still makes no sense to see a phone's display always on unless some new technology will help address the power strains it carries.

Also worth noting is that this feature may be limited to new and future phones. The reason behind that needs no further elaboration. Advanced features and technology are far different on upcoming phones although it still raises questions.

Some possible things to expect include screen displays always on for longer periods. Of course, some can always address that by maximizing the period allowable. Should that be the case, attention shifts to the battery. Even if OnePlus were to use a bigger battery, the strain would be tremendous. There are a lot of questions raised by the company does intend to give this feature. There was no timeline given so it would be best to wait until OnePlus rolls out Oxygen 11.