Amber Heard's family friend claimed her mother, the late Paige Parsons, preferred the "saint" Johnny Depp for her daughter than Elon Musk. The SpaceX CEO, allegedly, gifted the Aquaman star a "bugged" Tesla and tried to control her.

Jennifer Howell, the founder of the non-profit The Art of Elysium, provided a sworn statement to Depp's lawyers, per Daily Mail. In the testimony, she revealed Parsons told her "extraordinary secrets" about Heard's relationship with Musk after her split from The Pirates of the Caribbean star.

Howell alleged she became close to Heard's younger sister, Whitney Henriquez, after the latter worked for her from 2014 to 2016. So when she visited Henriquez, Parsons, reportedly, shared to her that the multibillionaire industrial designer gave the 34-year-old actress one or more Teslas, which were all "bugged."

Allegedly, Heard found out that the vehicles were all wired. From here, Parsons described Musk as "controlling," even comparing him to Depp, who she called an "angel or saint."

Despite their separation and tumultuous legal battle, Howell claimed Parsons wished Heard would reunite with her ex-husband. Henriquez, alternatively, denied her former boss' claims.

She said Howell's statement is "bizarre" and "complete fiction." The two sisters seem to be upset with her assertions, mainly it is attributed to their mother, who died in May.

Daily Mail noted Musk refused to comment about the issue, but he called Howell's revelations a "pure fantasy." He even stressed that Heard only said "glowing things" about him.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Musk once again denied that he had an affair with Heard when she was still married to Depp. Hence, he said the cheating allegations thrown against them amid the 57-year-old actor's libel case against The Sun were "totally" not true.

He, also, talked about the text message that was read out during the proceedings at the London high court, in which Depp told a friend that he wanted to "slice off" Musk's private part. He then joked that if the Edward Scissorhands star wanted a cage fight, he just had to let him know.

Depp's high-profile trial against The Sun, recently, wrapped up after three weeks. The court heard testimonies from both parties, from people who were personally close to Heard and Depp themselves, Celebrity Insider noted.

Some of Depp's friends and employees also gave their sworn statements. Heard, alternatively, got the help of her sister, who testified before the court, and her acting coach, Kristina Sexton.