Ellen DeGeneres finally broke her silence over the issues surrounding The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The 62-year-old host promised to make sure that the alleged "toxic work environment" the show has would never "happen again."

In a letter DeGeneres wrote to address the show's former and current employees' claims, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, she admitted she was not entirely in control of everything. She only relied on her people to do their jobs the way they knew she wanted things done.

Unfortunately, some worked in a different way that resulted in having a "toxic environment" for their employees. Now, she vowed that it would change.

After hearing the complaints of show's former staffers after BuzzFeed News published a story about the alleged "unacceptable" workplace conduct, DeGeneres claimed they immediately started an internal investigation. The comedian revealed they are now "taking steps together to correct" the problem. The investigation is, reportedly, almost complete.

Portia de Rossi's partner added that she "always strives" for the best as her chat show, which has been on the air for 17 years, is a "place of happiness" for her. Like others who are "judged and nearly lost everything" for just being who they are, she said she understands those who are "being looked at differently." She also has "deep compassion" for those mistreated and disregarded.

DeGeneres continued that she is "disappointed" to know that her pursuit is not what is happening on the show's set. For that, she is genuinely sorry.

The Finding Dory star explained that everyone who knows her knows the rumors are opposite of what she "believes and hopes" for the show. She even acknowledged that she would never have attained the success she now has without everyone's contributions.

Although some tried to clear her reputation, putting the blame on Ellen's producers, she knew her name is still on the show. So, she takes "responsibility" for that. DeGeneres also declared that the misrepresentations about her need to stop.

BBC News reported that several former and current The Ellen DeGeneres Show employees had been fired for only taking a medical or bereavement leave. Others also claimed that they were ordered not talk to DeGeneres if they saw her around the office.

One former employee revealed she experienced racism and microaggressions while working for the show for 18 months. She was even castigated for raising the issue about the alleged mistreatment she came across.