India continues to be on top of other Asian countries in terms of confirmed coronavirus cases as the country passed 1.7 million confirmed infections on Sunday.

India Reaches New Milestone in Cases

On Sunday, India logged a total of 54,730 new COVID-19 cases, marking a new milestone that the country reached in the total number of confirmed infections. The national infection toll stands at 1,750,723.

The country has been battling with surging transmissions among poor communities, especially as floods put a halt on anti-coronavirus efforts implemented by the government.

News of the new milestone came just a day after the country reached another grim record in deaths linked to the virus.

India Passes Italy in Deaths

On Saturday, India logged an additional 779 fatalities from COVID-19, bringing the national death toll to 35,743. The new figure made the country overtake Italy in the number of deaths and it is now the world's fifth hardest-hit country in deaths.

Health experts noted that India's actual infection toll may be higher than the official figures that have been released so far, especially since it is believed that the country lacks enough testing materials.

The comments from health authorities around the world regarding India's official figures were further heated up after a study released last week indicated that nearly a quarter of New Delhi residents have been infected.

Tokyo Sees Decline in Cases

The Japanese capital of Tokyo on Sunday reported 292 new COVID-19 cases, marking a sharp decline from the previous day's record of 472 infections.

Tokyo is the hardest-hit in all of Japan and over the past weeks, the capital has been battling outbreaks that believed to be driven by nightlife establishments with weak anti-coronavirus measures.

To help curb the infections from nightlife facilities, the metropolitan government ordered karaoke parlors and other establishments serving alcohol to be closed by 10 p.m.

Singapore Still Struggling with Work Permit Holders' Cases

In Singapore, most of the new daily cases are still among work permit holders residing in foreign worker dormitories. Of the 313 new infections on Sunday, 308 were among the said group.

As part of the efforts to curb transmissions among work permit holders, the government ordered Malaysian citizens and permanent residents who have been given work passes to take mandatory COVID-19 testing and serve a 7-day stay-home notice.

People who need to go through the said process are those who are eligible to enter the city-state based on the provisions of the Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA).

As of Sunday, Singapore has logged a total of 52,825 confirmed coronavirus cases.

South Korea Daily Cases Decline

While other big Asian countries are still struggling to contain the novel coronavirus, South Korea appears to be in control of the second wave of infections.

On Sunday, the country recorded 30 new COVID-19 cases, with 22 of the day's total infections imported. The new figure marks the second consecutive day that daily cases stayed within the 30 count range.

As of Sunday morning, South Korea has logged a total of 14,366 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 301 deaths from the disease.