The first half of Lucifer season 5 is coming later this month on Netflix and a lot of stories will unfold from here. One of the biggest concerns is that the titular character was stuck in Hell and his twin brother, Michael, shows up on Earth to cause chaos and torment some people.

But, apart from Michael's arrival, there are also other interesting and exciting stories coming in Lucifer season 5. For instance, one of the recently-released preview images from the premiere featured Chloe and Maze and both of them were so dressed up.

Perhaps, the two teams up for a certain case or that they're up to something. It remains to be seen what they are planning, but it seems like their odd partnership might be interesting. After all, Chloe may need a new partner after Lucifer returned to Hell -- and that would be Maze.

In general, Chloe hopefully figures out that Michael is not Lucifer. She has gone through a lot already, so this could cause another trauma for her. Michael made it clear he wanted to take what Lucifer have on Earth. So, he'll likely take advantage of Chloe and hurt her.

As for Maze, she might be reeling with what happened with Eve is season 4 finale. She knows that she has feelings for her, but she may focus on this one for a short while. Maze might be back with her old ways in Lucifer season 5, bringing a lot of her devilish energy even though the King of Hell is away.

Meanwhile, the official Twitter account of the series released a recap video featuring the events that happened in the fourth installment. The clip shows some of the important events in season 4, including Chloe coming to terms with who Lucifer really is, and Lucifer recognizing he has to go back to Hell.

Lucifer season 5 will pick up these events, with the titular character being away from Los Angeles and Chloe dealing with his exit. Most of the characters are sad and mad that he is gone, especially since he's been a huge part of the LAPD.

There are still a few episodes that weren't filmed as production was forced to shut down due to the global health crisis. It's unclear when filming could resume but, if ever it starts by the end of the year, we could expect the second half arriving at some point in 2021 on Netflix.

Lucifer season 5 drops its first eight episodes on Friday, Aug. 21, on Netflix.