Prince William had to "fight" with his social media staff when using their official accounts. He, recently, revealed that their team "deliberately" keeps the accounts away from him, for some reason.

This seemingly confirms that the British Royals have no control over their official accounts on any platform. But, based on the Duke's revelations, it appears that he has repeatedly tried to take control of the accounts for several times now.

The revelations came after the royal-born Prince's appearance at BBC's That Peter Crouch podcast. Speaking to the soccer player Crouch, he, reportedly, "laughed" as he tells his side of the story about the Twitter incidents.

Prince William might have not taken full control over their official accounts. But, he revealed that there were occasions when he felt "compelled" to use Twitter and send out a tweet, according to the Daily Express.

Last year, Liverpool won the Semi-Finals against Barcelona. The Duke of Cambridge, reportedly, deemed the game as "amazing."

Following the game, this urged the future King to "grab the Twitter thing" and share his thoughts with their fans and followers. He, later on, revealed with Crouch that he went "mental" for doing so.

The publication said that the royal-born Prince simply congratulated Liverpool on his post. He, reportedly, tweeted "well done" and described the results as "incredible." In the end, he signed off the post with the first letter of his name, "W."

Aside from the congratulatory post in 2019, Marie Claire, recently, reported that Prince William, also, did a few tweets this year. He, reportedly, has the "itch" to send tweets, especially when his favorite soccer team, Aston Villa, wins a game.

Last Sunday, he posted another "congratulatory" post toward his favorite team. He said, "never in doubt," which also came with a hashtag, "Up the Villa," and ending the post with his "signature."

About the Cambridges' social media accounts, Prince William and Kate Middleton recently welcomed a new addition to their social media team, according to Harper's Bazaar. Following Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's exit in March, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge "hired" the Sussex couple's former social media manager to assist them in their official accounts.

David Watkins, also, reportedly, confirms his new position within the British Monarchy through his LinkedIn profile. The publication said that he has since listed his new role on his professional profile.

As for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they have ceased using their official social media accounts after their official exit. While they did not deactivate the accounts, they no longer share new updates on them.