In an unearthed interview, Melania Trump discussed her concerns about the impact of social media on children and women. She shared that she, already, left the social media scene a couple of years ago.

Following her statements, the First Lady argued that she is not an "attention seeker," according to the Daily Express. She, reportedly, added that she now rarely uses it to post about "personal" things.

Melania's old interview with BBC, recently, came into light when the news about TikTok and WeChat has emerged. Earlier this week, Donald Trump signed the Executive Order to ban the two Chinese-owned apps in the United States.

Reports said that the banning of the apps comes after the administration's concerns over the security and transparency of using the applications. They believe that the app has, allegedly, harvested users' data to feed them directly to the Chinese Communist Party. Meanwhile, the signed order gives the parent company of TikTok and WeChat until September 15 to sell the apps to Microsoft or any other American-owned companies.

Amid all the tech debacle between the United States and China, reports pointed out how Melania Trump has, repeatedly, asserted her opposing notions toward using social media. This is, also, likely the reason why one of the pillars of the "Be Best" campaign centers on tackling cyberbullying and online safety.

Since the launch of Melania Trump and the East Wing's Be Best initiative, the First Lady has continued to make speeches and addresses about online safety. Back in 2018, she told her audience at the cyberbully prevention summit in Maryland that social media has pros and cons, according to Buzzfeed.

She, reportedly, stated that people, especially children, could use social media in many "positive ways." However, it can also be "destructive" and "harmful" when used incorrectly. Trump, then, claimed, that this is the base and focus of her initiative, pointing out that Be Best teaches the importance of proper conduct in an online setting.

While claiming to have stopped using social media many years ago, Melania Trump, alongside the East Wing, continues to run the official social media accounts of the First Lady. It remains unclear, though, if she, personally, manages them.

Concerning her Be Best campaign, it, reportedly, makes total sense why netizens could not find her teenage son, Barron Trump, on social media. Some individuals have speculated, however, that the youngest member of the Trump family has personal accounts but, they are all private. Just recently, he has become the center of many headlines. He, allegedly, owns a Roblox account, with his schoolmates "confirming" that it is his.

The user profile has, reportedly, "liked" K-pop and anime, causing many netizens to make the hashtag "Save Barron Trump" trending on various platforms. As noted, they wanted to save him from his parents because of his "innocence."