The fate of The Alienist season 3 is hanging up in the air at the moment, as TNT hasn't renewed or canceled the series. The previous installment just concluded recently. So, viewers may need to wait for a little longer regarding the renewal announcement.

Based on the novel of the same name by Caleb Carr, The Alienist is a period drama that was meant to be a limited series. But, after receiving massive support from fans, creators decided to release a sequel. The second installment is based on the follow-up book of Carr titled Angel of Darkness.

Just like the first season, season 2 garnered a warm response for the audience. But, the series ended after a brief run, with two back-to-back episodes airing every Sunday. After dropping its final two episodes on August 9, there is no official news whether or not The Alienist season 3 will be renewed.

Despite the lack of announcement, the crew teased the likelihood of a third installment. During the TCA panel, showrunner Stuart Carolan said they need to wait for Carr to write the third book and he's now writing it so viewers just have to "wait and see."

If ever The Alienist season 3 is renewed, we can't expect the series arriving anytime soon. Viewers will probably wait a little bit longer, given that the book on which it might be based in not out yet. Perhaps, the new season will be released either late 2021 or early 2022.

It's, also, hard to speculate what would be the story since the book hasn't been released. The second season revolved around a baby kidnapper, who's also a child murderer. Sara Howard, Laszlo Kreizler, and John Moore were able to track this person after a series of homicides and murders.

The second installment ended with Kreizler leaving for Vienna, while Sara and Jon parted ways since the latter's fiance is expecting. The story didn't leave any loose ends. So, fans are going to see a new different case in the next edition -- if ever The Alienist season 3 will happen.

The central mystery depends on whatever plotline Carr comes up with for the new book. But, even though they'll likely focus on a new case, the lingering personal dramas of several characters will continue in the potential third installment.

A for who's coming in The Alienist season 3, Daniel Brühl will reprise his role as Laszlo Kreizler, alongside Dakota Fanning as Sara Howard and Luke Evans as John Moore. Other cast members who could potentially return include Robert Ray Wisdom (as Cyrus Montrose), Matthew Shear (Lucius Isaacson), and Douglas Smith (Marcus Isaacson).