WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Perry Mason season 1 finale. Read at your own risk.

HBO officially renewed Perry Mason season 2 in July. So, there's no need to worry about the future of the period drama. Recently, the series aired its season 1 finale and tied most of the loose ends throughout the show's freshman run.

It remains to be seen how Perry Mason season 2 moves forward, given that the show was originally meant as a limited series. But, now that Emily Dodson's trial has ended, we could expect the story moving in a different direction.

In a recent interview with TVLine, creators-executive producers Ron Fitzgerald and Rolin Jones discussed what happened in the season 1 finale and hinted what viewers can expect in the next installment. While most of the mysteries have been answered, the story still left some unanswered questions.

In the episode, Emily and Birdy ended up traveling the country she's while telling people that the baby is hers -- even if it's not. Jones said that those who watched the season 1 finale may have different opinions about how her story concluded.

He noted that viewers could either think Emily got a happy ending or no happy ending at all. Fitzgerald added that Emily is lost and she needs to believe in something. So, when someone showed up and gave her the baby, she jumps at the idea that the child is hers.

Even though there's still a question regarding Emily's story, this plot may not be further explored in Perry Mason season 2. The series will follow new stories, with Fitzgerald noting they're looking at novels and they'll use these as jumping-off points.

He said they weren't sure whether they'll get a second season, but they wanted to deliver a story coming from books. Then, he teased that the next installment might be similar to Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch and viewers could see the DNA of the Arthur Conan Doyle novel.

As for whether or not Shea Whigham is coming back as Pete Strickland in Perry Mason season 2, Fitzgerald said the character will return once the series premieres. While he's on the other side now and working for Hamilton Burger, he and the titular character still have a certain bond.

Meanwhile, Fitzgerald said John Lithgow asked if the ghost of his character, E.B., will show up in the next installment. He said that there won't be such an appearance and "no ghost of E.B." will happen. Jones added that when a character dies in the series, they die and never come back.

Nothing is confirmed when it comes to the release date of Perry Mason season 2. But, according to CarterMatt, the series could return in either late 2021 or even early-to-mid 2022. One of the major reasons for the delay is the real-life health crisis since everyone won't be able to start working unless the current situation gets better.