In preparation for the Presidential Election this November, Donald Trump and his camp are stepping their game up in social media. Aside from the Trumps' personal accounts, they, also, have an official campaign account, where they post several campaign materials.

Amid the pandemic crisis, their camp has released numerous ads, including videos and clips in hopes of helping the public during the crisis. However, they posted a clip earlier this month that led to the suspension of the said account.

Twitter put the account on hold because of "misinformation," according to the Daily Express. While they released an explanation about the move, several individuals from their side argued that it all comes after "biases."

The campaign account posted a clip of Donald Trump in one of his recent interviews. In it, the US President talked about the "immunity" of children from COVID-19.

Speaking to Fox News, he claimed that children are "almost immune" to the deadly virus. His statements, however, came with reservations. He noted that he "would almost say definitely" that it is true.

Trump continued to justify his claims by pointing out that children have "much stronger systems" than adults. Therefore, he concluded that they do not have any problem, especially amid the pandemic crisis.

A spokesperson from Twitter, reportedly, explained that the video contains "false claims," adding that it is a violation of the platform's policies, particularly around "harmful" misinformation.

Reports said that the United States medical practice organization clarifies that people may contract the coronavirus regardless of their ages. But, most kids who are infected do not become as sick as adults, especially the vulnerable ones.

Twitter, later on, noted that Donald Trump's team would need to get rid of the post before they could continue to use the account. The team has since deleted the tweet, leading to their return to the platform.

Following the debacle, Trump's Director of Communications for his re-election campaign, Tim Murtaugh criticized the move. He revealed on his social media account that it was Kamala Harris's former Press Secretary, who announced publicly about the suspension of the campaign's account.

Murtaugh, also, said that Silicon Valley is "hopelessly biased" against Trump and his camp, arguing that it only enforces their rules "in one direction." CBS News recently reported that the platform also suspended Don Jr.'s account for the same reason.

The camp's Deputy National Press Secretary, Courtney Parella, later on, defended the claims of the US President, noting that social media companies as "not arbiters of truth." She explained that Donald Trump was just stating "facts" that children are less vulnerable to the deadly coronavirus.