Donald Trump married Melania Trump in 2005. They share one son, Barron Trump, whom they lived with inside the White House.

The First Couple announced their engagement in 2004. They decided to tie the knot after six years of dating.

He gifted her then-girlfriend with a diamond ring that entails an "eye-watering price tag," according to the Daily Express. Tobias Kormin of 77Diamonds told the publication that the ring is Graff Diamond's "D Flawless," 15-carat emerald cut.

It, reportedly, costs $3 million. But, Trump, previously, said that he purchased the ring at a much lower price. The owner Laurence Graff, however, debunked the President's claims, noting that he did not receive any discount.

For years, Melania Trump wore the lavish engagement ring he received from her husband. Reports added that she always wore it, alongside her wedding ring, everywhere she went.

In 2015, though, the now-First Lady, reportedly, stopped wearing her engagement ring. During their 10th wedding anniversary, Donald Trump gifted another engagement ring, which entails a much more staggering price.

Sources said that he gave her a second engagement ring to celebrate their anniversary. Cheat Sheet added that it is also an "upgrade" for Melania.

From the 15-carat emerald-cut diamond, he replaced it with a 25-carat diamond ring. While the price and size are much bigger than the first, the second ring is not "D Flawless."

Since she received the new ring from Donald Trump, Melania Trump has, reportedly, never taken it off from her ring finger. She also wore it on her official portrait inside the White House.

It remains undisclosed, though, where she hid her first engagement ring. But, reports speculated that it likely remains in her possession.

In other reports, experts said that Melania's engagement rings are more expensive than the rings Trump gave to his two former wives. The US President gifted Ivana Trump and Marla Maples engagement rings before their weddings.

He and Ivana tied the knot in 1977. They, however, ended up divorcing each other in 1991. As for the engagement ring that Donald Trump gave her, no details have since emerged about its price, style, and current owner. Experts believe, though, that Ivana still has it today.

On the other hand, Marla Maples' 7.45-carat Harry Winston diamond ring, once, became the talk of the town, because she auctioned it for less than $120,000 after their divorce. Seven years later, the ring was sold again but, the price has since doubled.