Ivana Trump is Donald Trump's first wife. They tied the knot in 1977 but, ended the marriage in 1991 following the cheating scandal of the then-billionaire mogul to the former celebrity, Marla Maples.

In the 14 years of their relationship, it reportedly makes sense why the now-US President's first wife knows a lot of things about her then-husband, especially her kids. Following the family's rise to the political arena, reports said that she has exposed several "truths" about Donald Trump and her kids. As Cheat Sheet puts it, these are the "dark secrets" of the First Family.

Ivana Trump reportedly shared a lot of shocking details about her then-husband, particularly his fatherhood to their three kids, Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric Trump. As reiterated, she does not give any "credit" to Donald Trump in terms of raising their kids.

She then shared that Donald Trump even refused to name his firstborn after him. She revealed that her then-husband told her that he would not prefer for his son to have his name because he might be a "loser" when he grows up.

Ivana also reportedly went on to claim that Trump "had no idea" on how to effectively "communicate" with their kids, especially during their childhood years. He only communicated with them when they entered their university years, she said.

Donald Trump's first wife then asserted that their "set up" worked for them. As explained, she handed her kids over to their father when they reached the age of 21 and above. Ivanka Trump reportedly told her then-husband that it was already the time for him to "continue" the "job" of raising the kids.

Another revelation that shocked a lot of individuals is the US President's proposal to his first wife, as per claims. It is said that Ivana revealed then that Trump's marriage proposal "came with a threat." She said that he warned her that if she would not marry him, she would "ruin" her life.

Aside from the revelations of the so-called "dark secrets," Ivana Trump also reportedly had a few "thoughts" about her three kids. Reports said that the mother of three thinks that her only daughter, Ivanka, has already "a lot on her plate." Nevertheless, she reportedly asserted that the First Daughter might soon become the United States' "first female POTUS."

As for Don Jr and Eric, Ivana Trump is not a fan of her sons' "hunting habits." She reportedly told reports in the past that she understood why the public was giving her sons a "hard time" about their shooting activities.