Princess Anne celebrated her 70th birthday on Aug. 15 with a few tributes. The royal family posted their birthday messages on their social media while the Princess Royal, also, had a documentary feature on ITV about her life and her work. 

As one of the most unflagging members of the royal family, Princess Anne was, actually, working on her birthday week. She was speaking with elderly war veterans at a royal engagement since her birthday coincided with VJ Day (Victory in Japan Day).

Over the years, Princess Anne had many royal duties associated with law and order, according to Daily Mail. However, despite her seemingly spotless record, she is, actually, the only member of the royal family to have a criminal conviction.  

In 2002, Princess Anne pleaded guilty for violating the Dangerous Dogs Act because her dog, Dotty, a Bull terrier, attacked two children. The incident happened in Windsor Great Park, where her dog broke loose and bit the boys who had to be hospitalized. 

At that time, Princess Anne publicly stated that it was a "very, very unfortunate episode," for which the children suffered trauma. The judge ordered Queen Elizabeth's only daughter to pay $650 (£500) in fines, as well as other compensation and cost related to the attack. 

Dotty, however, was not ordered to be put down but the judge asked Princess Anne to have her dog trained. The judge, also, warned the princess that Dotty will not be spared if the incident happens again. 

It's a scandal that Princess Anne might want to forget but it did not affect her work in the royal family. It showed, however, that, despite her privilege and status, Princess Anne cannot escape the law and is not immune to criminal prosecution.

Only Queen Elizabeth has Sovereign immunity from prosecution as the reigning monarch. The Queen is, also, immune from being part of a criminal investigation, cross-examination or police interviews. 

Meanwhile, as she turned 70 years old, Princess Anne received two honorary promotions from the military. It is customary for the senior members of the royal family to be promoted if they reach a birthday milestone. So, Princess Anne is, now, a general in the Army and an air chief marshal in the Royal Air Force. 

The head of the Ministry of Defence said that Princess Anne's honorary promotion is in recognition of her contribution to military causes. The Princess Royal has done several works for the Armed Forces, including her links to the Women's Royal Naval Service.