Tesla provided the clue on when the mass production of the Tesla Semi and Cybertruck would commence. The automaker has earlier stated that both electric vehicles will roll out from the Gigafactory Texas, which would see "first substantial completion" in May 2021, and after that date, there will be production activities to follow.

Tesla sent out the latest Giga Texas update on Thursday and the news resulted in greater confidence that the company will deliver as promised. Tesla's stocks registered notable gains and somehow erased the doubts that were generated in the past days.

The start of the week saw investors rushing to sell Tesla shares but the production update appeared to have soothed the nerves of worried shareholders. Business Insider said the EV company posted a gain of 6% as soon as the market got word of the encouraging news.

The boost is seen to prompt Tesla CEO Elon Musk to fast-track the completion of the Giga constructions that are now underway in the United States and Europe. It is understood that around July 2021, Giga Berlin would be able to start assembly of Tesla vehicles.

Musk said the Tesla Model Y crossover will be built on the factory complex in Germany, an approach that he promised will lead to more affordable Tesla price tags for consumers in Europe.

Back in the United States, the automaker reported that Giga Texas will only start producing EVs around May or June next year. As mentioned, the site's construction phase will be at an advanced stage by mid-2021 but full production capacity will not be achieved until later that year.

There was no specific admission of delay but it can be assumed that the production calendar set by Tesla for Giga Texas will not be met. Electrek said that while the company will likely press the assembly button on May 2021, there will be no EVs to roll out of the production line in the immediate weeks and months to come.

In any case, the Giga Texas is where the meat of the action will be for Tesla's most anticipated releases. The factory will also churn out the bestselling Model 3 and Model Y but as Musk had teased numerous times in the past, the Austin site is the Cybertruck Gigafactory.

That should mean the all-electric Tesla pickup truck will come out of Giga Texas and the same goes for the Tesla Semi. These two monster EVs are touted as "game-changers" in terms of eccentric vehicle design and load-hauling capacity.