Twitter leaker @L0vetodream spilled the beans on what users can expect with Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad Air 4 ahead of Apple's September Event.

Apple's annual big event, scheduled for Sept. 15 this year is still a few hours away but rumors are already rife on what people should expect. Foremost among them is the supposedly new Apple Watch Series 6 color and the "quick charge" capability of the iPad Air 4 or the smartwatch. Twitter leaker @L0vetodream's cryptic hints appear to have fueled the rumors.

The leaker said that the Apple Watch Series 6 might feature a new color and that customers may order the new products from the website of Apple on the same day of the event. L0vetodream also made cryptic references to the rumored iPad Air 4 but the oft-reliable leaker's most straightforward hint is about the fresh color.

Apple did not confirm nor deny the leak, and at this time, details about the supposed new color of the Apple Watch Series 6, or capabilities of the iPad Air 4, are still very vague. Industry observers, however, say they expect Apple to announce a new high-end Apple Watch Series 6 and a lower-end version, supposedly to meet head-on with its low-priced competitors.

Many Apple fans say that the color palette of the Apple Watch Series 6 may have some changes this year, whether in the form of new colors or finishes or perhaps even both. In the case of the iPad Air 4, it might also feature a new color, though some observers say the color palette change may only apply to the Apple Watch Series.

L0vetodream also sent a separate tweet recently which appears to suggest Apple Watch Series 6 might feature a new blue hue. Rumors also swirled about iPhone 12 coming in a new hue, possibly Midnight Blue. In another of L0vetodream's mysterious tweets, the leaker said one of Apple's new products would have quick charge capabilities. While some say the leaker refers to the iPad Air 4, others say the quick charge feature makes more sense on the Apple Watch Series because of the sleep tracking focus of watchOS 7.  As regards pricing and availability, L0vetodream said that one iOS device, possibly the iPad Air 4, will carry a price tag of $569 to $599. The price of the current model of the iPad Air is $499. In yet another L0vetodream tweet, it simply read "online Sep 15," which may refer to the Sept 15 event taking place virtually, or it may also be that the new products, such as the Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad Air 4, are available to order online during the event.

L0vetodream's revelations in the past proved reliable. For instance, the cryptic and anonymous leaker predicted with a great degree of accuracy a series of watchOS 7 and macOS 11 Big Sur features. The leaker also tweeted the Big Sur marketing name in advance, as well as accurately predicting the features of the 2020 iPhone SE. L0vetodream also tweeted in advance the launch date of Apple's Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. With the some of the leaker's prediction proven correct in the past, L0vetodream may also be right in tweeting hints about the Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad Air 4.

There is one thing to note, though, as L0vetodream also tweeted several weeks ago that Apple Watch Series 6 is not part of the September event, meaning there will be no new Apple smartwatches. The leaker has since backtracked on that claim ahead of the event. It is also likely that the immediate availability claim refers to the iPad Air 4, or perhaps the Apple Watch Series 6 is available to order on the same day of the event, but not shipped until October. Leaks or no leak, everyone will know the real score as to the color, capabilities, new products, and many more, a few hours from now.