AT&T revealed its plans on how to maintain network stability in anticipation of Hurricane Sally's possible disruptions to the US carrier's services.

In anticipation of the threats presented by Hurricane Sally, US carrier AT&T revealed its efforts aimed at maintaining network stability and at the same time, ensure consumers remain connected during and after Hurricane Sally makes a landfall. Reports say that the Category 2 hurricane, estimated to have sustained winds of up to 100 mph, is expected to strike the Gulf Coast.

The US carrier also announced it will offer power accessories at a discount and flexible payment arrangements for consumers in affected states. AT&T said its customers in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and some parts of Florida can avail of a 25% off qualified power accessories beginning Monday at any AT&T store as part of their effort in providing good service and ensuring network stability in the face of Hurricane Sally.

To ensure everyone stays connected when Hurricane Sally hits their respective states, AT&T will also allow flexible payment arrangements for customers who request assistance due to the storm's impact. Aside from ensuring network stability with the impending landfall of Hurricane Sally, AT&T also announced it will not charge additional fees for customers making texts, calls, and using data on the US carrier's wireless network from this point on through September 18.

In a statement, AT&T said it will waive overage charges to provide unlimited text, call, and data for AT&T wireless consumers with billing addresses, as well as AT&T Prepaid consumers with 720-zip-code phones numbers starting September 14 to September 18. The US carrier said this is part of their commitment to making sure that customers enjoy network stability in the face of Hurricane Sally. "To make this possible we're automatically issuing credits and waiving additional service charges for AT&T wireless customers with billing addresses and AT&T PREPAID customers with phone numbers that are considered directly impacted zip codes at this time," AT&T said in its announcement.

As an additional measure in maintaining network stability in the looming landfall of Hurricane Sally, AT&T said it is filling its generators with fuel and its technicians and engineers are also testing high-capacity batteries for backup. They have also prepared additional protection for their physical facilities. The US carrier also provided some tips for its customers for them to be fully prepared for Hurricane Sally. These include saving their smartphone battery life, keeping their mobile devices charged and also keeping them dry, backing up important information and protecting vital documents, preparing a family communications plan, and to forward their home number to their mobile numbers in case of an evacuation.

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