Law & Order: SVU season 22 has officially kicked off filming in New York City just recently. The series has been impacted by the current global health crisis and was off-air for several months. Now, the good news is that the cast and crew are back on set to film new episodes for the latest installment.

In one of her recent Instagram posts, Mariska Hargitay, who plays Olivia Benson, confirmed that production for Law & Order: SVU season 22 has started already. Hence, we can expect the latest batch of episodes coming either in late 2020 or in early 2021.

But then, even though filming has begun, everyone still needs to follow certain health guidelines and protocols implemented in New York City. There could be filming restrictions to ensure the health and safety of cast and crew while working on set.

The biggest challenge for Law & Order: SVU season 22 is the current global health crisis. Ice-T, who plays Odafin "Fin" Tutuola, shared on Twitter that it's hard to explain the new way their working to ensure the safety of everyone. The entire crew wears masks all day, while they need to take a test every day.

Ice-T further noted that they rehearse in masks and only remove them the moment they actually film. All of them want to stay safe and keep filming at the same time. Also, he made it clear that the new season will tackle some of the real-life events currently happening in the world.

Law & Order: SVU season 22 won't pick up the Toby Moore (Ian McShane) cliffhanger in the season 21 finale. Instead, the latest installment goes in a different direction to address some timely topics. A lot of things happened over the past few months and the series what to take on these matters right now.

The early plan for the new season is to explore the takes real-world issues, from the pandemic to the calls for police reform. These are some of the things that Benson and the rest of the team have to deal with once the series returns on NBC.

Showrunner Warren Leight confirmed on Twitter that the first few episodes of the upcoming installment see the squad grappling with many of the losses and changes. We could see a lot of emotional moments here, as well as big storylines.

After all of these, Law & Order: SVU season 22 will pick up the events that transpired in the season 21 finale. Toby had a cardiac arrest at the time of his trial. This is something that needed to be answered at some point. It remains to be seen whether or not he survived his heart attack.